T-45A Goshawk

Here are some preview shots of the, as of now, work-in-progress T-45 Goshawk done by our devs here at VNAO. A carrier operated trainer, we think that the T-45 will compliment the current navy aircraft available in the simulator and will be a well-liked addition to any virtual air wing's SOP's.

Visit the VNAO Productions page here for more information and to keep apprised of any further developments.


Also available from VNAO is the VR Ready Room mod and the LSO Platform mod. Two great add-ons that add just a little more to the overall experience.


And more is on the way!!!


Welcome to Virtual Naval Air Operations Carrier Air Wing Seven. We are a group of US Naval Aviation enthusiasts that strive to emulate the strategic operations of USN carrier aviation while paying tribute to those brave individuals that serve and served in the United States Navy. 

Please like us on Facebook and come visit us on Discord. We love to meet new and like-minded individuals willing to help us achieve our goals.

Here at VNAO, we just really like Naval Aviation. We have had the pleasure of attracting individuals from all aspects of aviation from real-life naval aviators to maintainers and civilian pilots. We are proud to be associated with retired military individuals as well as young future aviators just getting interested in the field of aviation.

VNAO is a flight simulator group. We fly in DCS World and utilize the modules for the F/A18C Hornet and the legendary F-14B Tomcat. We are currently operating off of the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74).

DCS World and its study-level aircraft modules offer the realism and immersion that VNAO is looking for. Carrier operations in DCS is possible and amazingly detailed.

In the VNAO, you control your destiny. If you just want to fly the aircraft and learn to land on the carrier, you can do that. If you would like to take your immersion to the next level and train to become an LSO (Landing Signal Officer), Airboss or even a squadron leader, it is all up to you and your own level of dedication.


VNAO is always looking to expand our horizons and increase our participation.


The sky is truly the limit. 

Thanks to some very talented individuals, VNAO is currently working on some very interesting modifications to DCS that will allow for even more immersion.

For instance, our VR Ready Room mod puts you in the ready room on an aircraft carrier.

And, our LSO Platform mod has you on the deck watching aircraft as they come in for a landing. You will get a first hand view of what real world LSO's see and hear in the US Navy.

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