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Why Do I Fly?

Stop me if you heard this one…ever since saw the movie Top Gun… Well you know the rest.

There is a part of us all that has dreamed of strapping into a cockpit and launching of the deck of an aircraft carrier into the wild blue yonder. For some, this dream has become a reality, for the rest of us…life happened.

But no matter the path we took, the dream has never left us. That tugging sense of looking towards the sky and knowing that is where we should be. I dreamed of flying in Jolly Rogers Squadron for the US Navy since I was 7 years old, and with you guys…with V.N.A.O, I get to taste just a little bit of the life that I have always dreamed of.

Lately something seems to different, I came here to learn, to fly, and to challenge myself to live out that dream, even virtually just for a little while. While a life happens and people must return to the real world, I never want to lose the passion for Naval Air Operations and the camaraderie of the pilots I have come to respect.

The V.N.A.O. carrier wing allows me the chance to share some ideas that perhaps may reinvigorate that passion that I believe drove us all here in the first place, and for that...I thank you. I have come to appreciate a place that gives guys like me the chance to live out their dream…even for a little while.

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