Official VNAO CVW-7 code of conduct

1. Behave with Honesty and Integrity.  This is the forefront of our operation; while you are in this Air Wing, you represent us in every aspect of your online presence in the DCS community. If you post in social media of any type that involves DCS it will be with this code of conduct in mind at all times.

2. Offensive and outwardly aggressive behavior towards your fellow pilots in or out of this Air Wing will not be tolerated. We will all behave as adults here, we all have an acceptable limit when it comes to passionate opinions.  However, overwhelmingly hostile or demeaning behavior towards fellow VNAO members will not be tolerated.

3. We will have guest pilots and guest Squadrons from time to time. You will afford their pilots every courtesy you would extend to anyone in this Air Wing.
4. The Chain of Command will be respected at all times. If you have a problem with your squadron mates you will take it up the appropriate C.O.C..  You take any problems to your X.O. he/she will pass it up the ladder.  If the next person in the C.O.C. is unavailable within a reasonable amount of time (24 hours) take it up the next rung of the ladder
5. It is NOT necessary to salute <s> or call anyone in this Air Wing including the CAG/DCAG "SIR" as that is blatantly disrespectful to those who actually wear the uniform and earn their ranks. Having said that, the generic use of the word “sir” as a non-military show of respect is fine.
6. There are people in this very Air Wing who have served in the military of their respective countries, you will grant them the respect they deserve.  There will be absolutely zero tolerance for disrespect towards veterans of any country. 

7. Politics and Religious subjects will not be discussed unless they are part of mission or deployment story-lines or somehow related to the subject of United States naval air operations and history. Derogatory comments about the United States, the U.S. flag, the navy and all military is strictly prohibited. We here at VNAO CVW-7 are expected to show respect to our country and our heroes. If your ideology differs from this, please keep it to yourself or find another DCS group that better suits those ideologies. Being here is a choice. Adherence to the rules is mandatory.
8. Attendance is an important aspect of what we are trying to do. We understand this is a hobby and real life comes first. With that in mind we will be placing pilots who have not participated in flight operations for 30 days on the inactive list, after 90 days of all reasonable attempts to contact this pilot fail, the pilot will be removed from the roster. 
9. We are here to have fun. This is not a job, however, the staff work insanely hard to make this enjoyable for everyone, especially the flight instructors. The staff are in the position they are in because they show incredible dedication to this air wing and to the hobby. Show them the respect they deserve.


10. Have fun. That is why we are here. this is a hobby and you get out what you put in. bring your love of US Naval aviation operations and a willingness to learn and have the best time you can with your pants on.
Adherence to these S.O.P.'s is mandatory. If you disagree with these policies, the CAG's door is always open, as is the exit.


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