US Navy - Fighter Squadron 84 (FITRON 84)

When VF-84 was first settled on 1 July, 1955, at NAS Oceana, they were known as the Vagabonds and the FJ-3 Fury was their mount. The name Jolly Rogers started from the Fighting Seventeen of World War II popularity. VF-17 was one of the principal Navy contender units to get the F-4Us, they needed a group symbol which would satisfy the Corsair name- - consequently the well known skull-and-crossbones were conceived. After the disestablishment of VF-17 in April of 1944, the VF-61 turned into the new Jolly Rogers.

In 1959, VF-61 was disestablished and the then VF-84 Vagabonds mentioned to carry on the name and symbol of the Jolly Rogers. The group started its change to the F-14A in mid 1976 and after the progress was finished, they set out on their first significant journey with the new airplane on board USS Nitmitz in December of 1977.

The unit got the principal TARPS cases of the armada in 1979 and was a pioneer in utilizing the Tomcat as a surveillance stage. The Jolly Rogers additionally assumed an unmistakable job in the 1980 film Final Countdown, which pushed the skull-and-crossbones and the F-14 Tomcat to worldwide fame.

In December 1990, plane carrying warship USS Roosevelt was called upon to join USS Ranger and USS Midway in the Persian Gulf. All through the Gulf War, VF-84 flew battle air watches for the armada, accompanied the air wing's strike airplane, and performed TARPS missions to gather bomb harm evaluations. The unit's valued mascot is a lot of skull and crossbones encased in a glass encasement.

«Passing of the bones» from the active captain to the approaching captain is a revered Jolly Rogers custom. The bones are as far as anyone knows the remaining parts of ENS Jack Ernie of VF-17. Ernie was slaughtered during the Okinawa attack in World War II, as his flaring airplane spiraled towards earth, he made one final radio transmission asked «to be recalled with the skull-and-crossbones».



US Navy - Strike Fighter Squadron 103 (STRKFITRON One Zero Three)

Following VF-84's decommissioning in October 1995, the choice was made to resign the Club and Cloverleaf symbol of the VF-103 Sluggers and have Fighting 103 receive the Jolly Roger emblem and the Tactical callsign, Victory, on October first, 1995.

In October 2006, VFA-103 sent with CVW-7 on board USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER to the CENTCOM AOR on the side of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM, and Horn of Africa Operations off the shore of Somalia. The Jolly Rogers sent again in February 2009 on the side of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. During five months of supporting alliance ground powers occupied with close battle with the adversary, the group drove the air wing in motor impacts.

During this organization the Jolly Rogers by and by end up being the most deadly group in the Air Wing , which The Jolly Rogers of VFA-103 keep on representing the Naval Aviation conventions of greatness and polished methodology.

With the Jolly Roger seal gladly decorated on the tails of the most deadly and history-rich warrior group in all of Naval Aviation, the heritage of "The Bones" vows to suffer for a long time to comesaw them utilize more Precision Guided Munitions than some other single unit in Naval History.



US Navy - Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 79 (HELMARSTRIKERON 79)

The Navy set up Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron (HSM) 79, the 'Griffins,' with an authorizing function held onboard Naval Base Coronado, June 2, 2016, as the 6th West Coast bearer HSM unit flying the MH-60R Seahawk.

HSM-79 turned into the 6th West Coast transporter HSM unit, finishing the extension and solidification of helicopter powers directed by the Navy's Helicopter Master Plan.

The 'Griffins' will set out plane carrying warships to do different missions, including hostile to submarine fighting, against surface fighting, vertical renewal, search and salvage, philanthropic help, and clinical clearing tasks.

The unit received its name from two decommissioned Squadrons that concentrated on a plane carrying warship based enemy of submarine fighting: Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron (HS) 9 'Ocean Griffins' and the Sea Control Squadron (VS) 38 'Red Griffins'. The 'Griffins' will be proceeding with their inheritance

The group embraced its name from two decommissioned Squadrons that concentrated on a plane carrying warship based enemy of submarine fighting: HS-9 Sea Griffins and the fixed-wing airplane VS-38 Red Griffins. The Griffins will be proceeding with their inheritance.

Starting at 2019, some portion of Carrier Air Wing CVW-7 onboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72).





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